Home inspections during Stage 4 Lockdown

Home inspections are now allowed


We are pleased to see that Real Estate Agents in the Melbourne Metropolitan area are once again allowed to conduct one on one private inspections at properties for sale and rent.

This is  certainly a very welcome easing of the restrictions and one that we are very grateful for.

Our buyers, sellers, tenants and landlords can once again feel confident that their property can be inspected in a safe manner, allowing them to make a buying, selling, or renting decision with ease.


The Victorian Government website confirms:

UPDATE FROM DHHS website for Real Estate in Metropolitan Melbourne Regional Victoria & metropolitan Melbourne (Second Step):
• Attendees are limited to 1 agent and 1 prospective purchaser or tenant, who may be accompanied by 1 other person from an existing household or an intimate partner and the prospective purchaser or tenant’s children under 18 years old if there are no appropriate alternative care arrangements available.
• The agent contacts the occupier of a property to arrange a suitable time and ensures the occupier and attendee are not symptomatic, self-isolating or under quarantine before attending
• Occupiers of the property are required to leave for one of the permitted reasons under the Stay at Home Directions, during an inspection
• The agent must make sanitiser available at all inspections and require its use prior to entry into the property
• The property should be well ventilated and include the opening of all internal and external doors at all times during inspections
• Face coverings must be worn at all times by all attendees and physical distancing to be maintained
• Agents must ensure any surfaces touched during an inspection are disinfected by the agent at the completion of the inspection.
• Any necessary marketing services (e.g. photography, videography, and stylists) are limited to two people, the one agent and one service provider
• The agent keeps records of all inspections or marketing activity undertaken, including necessary contact details of attendees
• Minimise the touching of surfaces within the property by, turning on lights and opening all cupboards, drawers, windows and doors
At McNeill Real Estate, we are abiding by these COVID-19 restrictions and will do our part to continue to minimise the risk of the spread of the virus, thus enabling the people of Victoria to get back to a normal life.
We look forward to showing you through our fabulous homes.