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    Autumn Market Update

    What's the prediction for the property market?   If you’re reading this, you’ve probably been keeping an eye on the property market over the past 12 months. Throughout the height of the COVID outbreak in Australia you may have read many articles about how property prices are going to fall, home values are going to rise, apartments will be sold cheaply, but houses will be...

    On the Couch | Nick Barnes |Barnes Plumbing | McNeill Real Estate

    Recently we were delighted to have Nick Barnes of Barnes Plumbing, a local plumber and business owner, as our guest #onthecouch.  Nick spoke about how his business specialises in providing reliable, professional and affordable plumbing services to the Mornington Peninsula..   In particular, his business focuses on compliance and working with local Real Estate property managers to en...

    On the Couch | Residential Tenancy Regulations 2021 | Electrical and Gas Compliance | Trent Jones and Nick Barnes | McNeill Real Estate

    Recently we were delighted to have Trent Jones, of Wantasparky, and Nick Barnes of Barnes Plumbing, as our guests #onthecouch.  David talks to Trent and Nick about how they will be working together to provide a full safety and compliance service to landlords.   The new rental regulations provide for minimum standards for rental properties in Victoria. In this article we explain how ...

    On the Couch |Christine Sedrak | Anchorage Legal | McNeill Real Estate

    Recently we were delighted to have Christine Sedrak of Anchorage Legal, a local Family Lawyer, as our guest #onthecouch.  Christine spoke about how she specialises in guiding her clients through the difficult time of separation, giving them all the tools they need to make an informed decision regarding their future.   In particular, her business focuses on ensuring couples are given...

McNeill Real Estate

Local Real Estate Agency, servicing the Mornington Peninsula residents with all of their real estate needs. Our vision is to positively impact our older generation in particular, as they transition from their family home into a home more suited to their lifestyle. This can be a stressful situation as they come to terms with their failing health, dependency on relatives and working through the myriad of options around Retirement Villages or unit accommodation. We work with the families to ensure that mum and dad make an informed decision about their future. This ensures more money is saved and more time spent with family and loved ones and a great real estate experience for all is guaranteed. If you have parents who are in this dilemma, we would love to have a chat and see how we can assist your whole family. With over a decade in the real estate sector on the Mornington Victoria, the company promises to deliver quality and rewarding service to clients across the Mornington Peninsula Victoria and Australia as a whole.