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    Top 5 Hints to sell your home with property styling

    Are you looking for the best way to present your property?  In this episode we talk about the benefits of home styling when selling your home. From how to do your own home styling, to getting advice from a professional, using some of your furniture and some of the professionals, or employing a professional to style your entire home.  Even using the benefit of virtual home staging -...

    On the Couch | Melanie Gard | Peninsula School of Dance | McNeill Real Estate

    Recently we were delighted to have Melanie Gard, a local dance teacher and owner of Peninsula School of Dance, join us #onthecouch.   Melanie owns and operates an incredible dance studio in Rosebud on the Mornington Peninsula. Her passion for dance and for her students shines through in this interview, where Melanie spoke about her business and how it helps children to learn to dance and...

    On the Couch | Michelle Fortuna | Intuition Coach | McNeill Real Estate

    Recently we were delighted to have Michelle Fortuna, a local Intuition Coach and a healing practitioner, join us #onthecouch.   Michelle spoke about her business and how it helps people to connect with themselves and gain confidence to truly trust their intuition.   Michelle is know for being a gentle healing practitioner who listens deeply to the needs of her clients. Her unique...

    On the Couch | Jason Richardson | Retro Collector | McNeill Real Estate

    Recently we were delighted to have Jason Richardson, a local identity talk to us all about his hobby of collecting retro items and in particular - vinyl records.   McNeill Real Estate are delighted to be hosting local business owners, identities' and personalities from around the Mornington Peninsula, to share their great products, services, and events with others. This idea to share ca...

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Local Real Estate Agency, servicing the Mornington Peninsula residents with all of their real estate needs. Our vision is to positively impact our older generation in particular, as they transition from their family home into a home more suited to their lifestyle. This can be a stressful situation as they come to terms with their failing health, dependency on relatives and working through the myriad of options around Retirement Villages or unit accommodation. We work with the families to ensure that mum and dad make an informed decision about their future. This ensures more money is saved and more time spent with family and loved ones and a great real estate experience for all is guaranteed. If you have parents who are in this dilemma, we would love to have a chat and see how we can assist your whole family. With over a decade in the real estate sector on the Mornington Victoria, the company promises to deliver quality and rewarding service to clients across the Mornington Peninsula Victoria and Australia as a whole.