Getting a pet and keeping the peace with your landlord

There's no denying that dogs are man's best friend, but the belief has never been more true.

We’re collectively spending more time at home and it's never been a better time to accommodate a furry housemate (for the indefinite future)!

Just like deciding to adopt a pet that might be around for more than a decade, you must take the time to determine if you’re in the right place.

The first thing is to clue up your landlord, renters. Check-in with your landlord and be on the front foot.

• Complete a Pet request form
• Give it to your landlord

Whether you’re renting or you own your home, there are some things to consider when bringing those four legs home for good!

Whilst we consider having them stay outside to avoid any tenant mishaps that can eventuate from having an animal inside, it's often not fair to your newest family member.

Even though they can be content with fewer comforts than us and seem to have more mettle on a chilly morning walk, our pets can still suffer from the elements in the winter months.

There are a few things you might not have considered, but a golden rule is;

if you’re too cold, your animal pals likely are too!

Keep the peace with neighbours and clue them in to your new friend prior to their arrival to avoid disputes.

A heads up on the yapping will go down much better!