It's Tax Time


Property prices on the Mornington Peninsula have changed dramatically in the last year.

We are coming into the end of the financial year.......

Interest rates have dropped once again, the election is over and confidence is back as buyers return their focus to finding a new home.

Topped with last minute spending by investors to maximise tax returns for the 2018-2019 tax year, this could be a great time to evaluate your assets and obtain a FREE no obligation property valuation.

Simply give us a call, or sms to 0419 503 327 or 0438 788 595, or drop us a line using our Contact form and we can arrange a confidential chat.

When using this service, you will obtain :

  • a current market value opinion of your property
  • a detailed market report of properties sold in your are in the last 6 months

Why not take this opportunity to let us give you a free opinion?

Each appraisal takes less than 15 minutes as we plan to offer this to as many people as possible during the month of June


Contact Janet or David today as days/times are filling up fast!!!