When Stage 4 Restrictions end

- will you be ready?

We know that buyers cannot physically inspect your homes right now, but as soon as restrictions ease, there are many people champing at the bit to find their dream home!!

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This has been a strange time for many, as we have all been touched by Covid-19 in some way.

Having said this, many have found that being pushed into working from home, has meant that they realise their current home is too small, or does not have a suitable floorplan to allow for home based work and/or home based schooling.

Having a home which allows different members of the family to work or study privately in a pleasant environment suddenly becomes important.

It is also believed that even after the pandemic, many employers will continue to encourage their staff to work from home.  Many employees have also found that they prefer to work from home, whether on a full time or part time basis, as they are more productive and managing to spend quality time with family.

Currently many people are researching to find their dream home, they are looking for the ideal home that meets all of their needs and are shortlisting those that are most suitable.

Once the Stage 4 restrictions are lifted, there will be a rush for buyers to physically inspect the homes which most match their criteria.

If you have been thinking that a move is on the horizon, don't wait too long, this is a great time to take advantage of a massive shortage of homes available for sale, you need to ensure that your home is at the top of the shortlist for as many buyers as possible.

We can help you fine tune the tasks to be undertaken, so that  you can showcase your home.

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