Top 5 Hints to sell your Mornington Peninsula home with property styling

Are you looking for the best way to present your property? 

In this episode we talk about the benefits of home styling when selling your home.

From how to do your own home styling, to getting advice from a professional, using some of your furniture and some of the professionals, or employing a professional to style your entire home.  Even using the benefit of virtual home staging - especially in an empty home.

We talk about the benefits of each option and how you can decide which best suits your budget and your home.

The purpose of property styling is to prepare a home for a sale by presenting its full potential. ... The successful sale of a home with the best possible results. The process involves several techniques for highlighting the best features of a property's interiors and for showcasing optimal use of a space.


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Are you looking for the best way to present your property? Well stay tuned because in this video we give you our top five tips for home styling.


Tip number one - do it yourself. And by that we mean you go into the house, you do all of your decluttering, you do all of your de-personalisation, take all the photos out, move furniture around, work out what works, what goes with what, make it look really, really amazing and don't forget to add some colors and make the photos pop, such as wall art, matching towels in the bathroom, colored rugs on the floors.

Tip number two - professional advice so what we mean is a professional comes to your home walks around looks at everything you've got in your house and tells you where to move things around so that you get the best result using all of your own furniture.

Tip number three - using a professional stylist but taking it one step further. So by this, what we mean here, is the professional stylist comes into your home looks at all the furniture you've got says okay this this this and this doesn't match get rid of it and you actually pay them to bring some of their furniture so what that is it's a combination of your furniture, their furniture, wall art, accessories in the bathrooms and so forth.

Tip number four - using a professional stylist and going all the way. Okay so by all the way, what we mean here is, the stylist comes in has a look at everything in your house, and says nothing matches, nothing suits, nothing's modern, let's just get a complete restyling of your home. All of your furniture goes into storage, all of their furniture comes in and the house looks absolutely incredible. They'll even supply the wall art, and all the necessary accessories.

Tip number five - virtual styling. This is best done on an empty house. We send in professional photographers, they take photos of the empty rooms, and digital furniture is then added. And with that digital furniture, you can actually choose what style of furnishing you want in those rooms. So it is incredible. It is so difficult to see the difference between virtual furniture and a house that is furnished. But it makes an amazing difference for the photographs to get that first hook for buyers to have a look at your home. And it's very economic too. It certainly is. It's a lot cheaper of course. 

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