There's no Recommended Retail Price on Real Estate

You have to love real estate.

What else is there that's essential to our needs and we use every day that actually increases in value over the long term and lately, the short term?

I can't think of anything.

Perhaps that's why real estate lives in a free market environment and has no specific recommended retail price.

Have you ever noticed how two similar properties in the same area can sell around the same time for totally different prices?

I believe every property seller has the opportunity to sell their property for a price ABOVE logical market value. In fact, it happens every day!

And I believe every property seller can influence their selling price if they follow the right formula.

The reason why some properties sell for a great price is because buyers become captivated and almost entranced by the emotional attraction the property puts out.

It's happened to me more than once, maybe it's happened to you.

You can't stop thinking about it and you start scheming with yourself about how you can own it because, and here's the thing; you see yourself living there.

So the magic happens when two, three or seven buyers feel the same way and the only way the winning buyer will be determined comes down to good old fashioned cash.

So anyway, I have the formula for you. In fact I've set everything out in a book I wrote a few years back called 'How To Sell Your Home For More'

In it, you'll find my secret sauce and if you would like a copy, send me a message today from the CONTACT US tab on this site and let me know where you are.

Chances are we have someone in your area who can drop a copy off. 

Good luck with your sale.