On the Couch | Trent Jones | Wantasparky | McNeill Real Estate

Recently we were delighted to have Trent Jones, of Wantasparky, a local electrician and business owner, as our guest #onthecouch.  Trent spoke about how he specialises in providing reliable, professional and affordable electrical services to the Mornington Peninsula..


In particular, his business focuses on compliance and working with local Real Estate property managers to ensure that rental properties comply with electrical safety requirements.


Whether you are a home owner or an investor, you will find a lot of great information on keeping your property safe from electrical faults.







McNeill Real Estate are delighted to be hosting local business owners, identities' and personalities from around the Mornington Peninsula, to share their great products, services, and events with others.

This idea to share came about when the team, Janet McNeill and David Kershaw, realised that during the course of running their own business, they were meeting so many amazing people with great stories, that they wanted to let others know what was on their doorstep.


If you would like to be involved in sharing your own story, contact Janet or David to discuss further.... we cannot wait to meet you!

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Janet and David