On the Couch | Residential Tenancy Regulations 2021 | Electrical and Gas Compliance | Trent Jones and Nick Barnes | McNeill Real Estate

Recently we were delighted to have Trent Jones, of Wantasparky, and Nick Barnes of Barnes Plumbing, as our guests #onthecouch.  David talks to Trent and Nick about how they will be working together to provide a full safety and compliance service to landlords.


The new rental regulations provide for minimum standards for rental properties in Victoria. In this article we explain how this effects the electrical and gas appliances installed at a rental property. How often they need to be checked and the reporting procedures. All appliances must be checked by licensed Electricians and Plumbers... landlords can not attend to these themselves, unless they are qualified and registered.


Whether you are a home owner or an investor, you will find a lot of great information on keeping your property safe from electrical & gas faults.







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Janet and David