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Everything you need to know about moving to a smaller place.


There are many reasons that might bring about the need to downsize, and for some, the opportunity to move to a smaller home is an exciting new life chapter and lifestyle change.

But our homes are very personal, which is why downsizing is often emotionally charged and complicated.

On the one hand, a downsizer wants to maintain the quality and convenience of there current residence and surroundings, while looking to explore an discover the joy and stimulation that a big change brings.

For the average downsizer, I believe there's enough to deal with in terms of adjusting to potential change and preparing for a new life without the added weight and risk of making costly mistakes that cannot be corrected.

Should you secure your new place first or sell your existing home first?  Where are you going and does it really serve your needs?  What about possessions and furniture?  Are there tax implications from the sale of your current home or assets?

These days, we simply Google an authority to learn the answers and find the best solution for any topic, but downsizing is a little more complex.  Planning is essential and so is securing expert professional help where and when it matters.

The author of this book is such an expert.

A former Australian rules footballer, Dean moved naturally into real estate once his playing days were behind him.  Over time his industry knowledge and natural business skills helped him forge a loyal clientele as a trusted advisor.  As it happened, many of his clients were downsizers.

It's this career filled with watching, learning and helping that gives Dean the credentials to share his very best ideas in the hope his readers might be spared the painful and humiliating consequences of bad advice or a poorly made decision.

I wish you the very best of luck with your move and can only recommend you follow Dean's proven formulas and get yourself connected with a great agent who can guide you through the process.

Ray Wood


McNeill Real Estate is dedicated to helping people through this process.  Every stage of a person's life brings different challenges, your first home purchase starts with a small, affordable home, as the family grows, so does the requirement for a larger home, perhaps in a different location.  Schools and jobs play an important role in choosing where to live too.

Later, once the children move out, you feel that it might be time to move..... then the kids come back home.... sometimes with partners and/or children.........

Eventually you feel it is safe to make the move that is right for you.... it's now your time to have another exciting adventure and downsize to a home that is more suited to your current needs.

Perhaps a move interstate for better weather..... or perhaps closer to your children, who moved to another town or State.

Maybe staying in the same area, close to an existing network of friends and family is right for you.  Whatever the reason, we are here to help guide you through the maze.

Please claim your free copy of Dean's book by using our contact page, or send an sms saying "DOWNSIZING EBOOK" to either 0419 503 327 or 0438 7488 595.

All the best with your move.....