10 reasons why you should be using LinkedIn

For those unfamiliar with LinkedIn, allow me to offer some quick insights behind this social platform. The platform is primarily centered around professionals and industry-relevant content. LinkedIn enables members to connect and share content with other professionals, including colleagues, peers, potential employers, business partners, and new employees. Put simply, think Facebook, but with a professional purpose.


Why is this relevant to you?
LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network in Australia, and across the world, with over 313 million members in over 200 countries. LinkedIn has evolved significantly over the last several years and is no longer perceived as a job search site. For businesses and business professionals, LinkedIn is the best platform to communicate and share industry-relevant content with other like-minder professionals.

LinkedIn now has over 8 million professionals with a profile in Australian, covering 95% of the workforce and over 3 million active monthly users. These numbers will continue to grow.Now that we’ve learnt how powerful a network LinkedIn is, let’s explore 10 reasons why you should be actively using LinkedIn as a business professional!

  1. Build your personal brand as a professional
    LinkedIn lets you showcase your skills, get endorsed by your peers (pictured below), provide your previous work experience, peer & client recommendations and more. Strengthen your credibility through networking with your peers.Handy tip: A cool (or creepy) feature on LinkedIn is the ability to see who has viewed your profile (image below). You can also benchmark your profile ranking against the profile views of your connections, people in your company, and other professionals like you.