What is the best way to sell an empty house? Check out our top 5 tips to help you sell

You have an empty house you want to sell - wondering how to make it look attractive to potential buyers?


In this episode we give you some great tips on how to ensure that your vacant property will attract the attention of buyers before they visit, as well as making it appealing when they walk through the door.


As you know, over 90% of homes are first discovered by buyers online - and the first impression made online is created by the photos that your agent uploads to the internet. Buyers are also influenced when they walk through the door into the empty home.


It is vital to ensure that the property looks, feels and smells appealing.


Our tips help you to ensure that you are doing  your best to create an inviting space for buyers to imagine themselves living there.


Choosing whether to include furniture in the photos can be something to consider.  In our video we touch on the difference between home styling and virtual styling.... both can be considered when selling your vacant property.



Tune into our video and learn more.......










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